Lifestyle analysis

The Systems Approach to Natural Health

Like the musicians who make up an orchestra, the body systems – digestive, intestinal, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory, urinary; glandular and structural – must all work in harmony. When a concern in one body system arises, other systems are affected. Total health requires that all body systems be balanced.

The majority of Nature’s Sunshine’s products are categorized in nine body systems to allow you to easily select the products that will help you achieve your personal health goals. The Lifestyle Analysis will help you target the body systems most in need of nutritional supplementation.

Lifestyle Analysis – What is Your Health Profile?

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Step Three: To determine your system profile, refer to the chart following the analysis.

 Lack of energy  Sore or painful joints
 Illness more than twice a year  Difficulty in maintaining ideal weight
 Body odor and/or bad breath  Low endurance/stamina
 Difficulty digesting certain foods  Lack of a balance diet
 Eat meat more than 3 times a week  Slow recovery from illness
 Monthly female concerns  Less than 2 bowel movements per day
 Recent or frequent use of antibiotics  Lack of appetite
 Regular consumption of alcohol  Low sex drive
 Frequent mood swings  Brittle or easily broken fingernails
 Food allergies  Dry, damaged or dull hair
 Bags under eyes  High fat diet
 Smoking  Unsettled, apprehensive, pressured
 Poor concentration or memory  Low-fiber diet
 Poor resistance to disease  Muscle cramps or spasms
 Belching or gas after meals  Exposure to air pollution daily
 Stressful lifestyle  Caffeinated beverage (16 oz.) daily
 Skin/complexion problems  Feeling out of control
 Cravings for sweets, salt or junk foods  Food/chemical sensitivities
 Reqular consumption of dairy products  Recurrent yeast/fungal infections
 Feeling low, uninterested or depressed  Weak bones, teeth or cartilage
 Too little sleep or restless sleep  Suffer from anxiety or worry
 Menopausal concerns  Easily irritated or angered
 Frequent urination or urinary concerns  Don’t exercise regularly
 Hair loss  Respiratory, sinus or allergy problems