Membership benefits

Our Opportunity
In addition to providing a way to help people learn about better health and creating products to support the improvement processes, Nature’s Sunshine offers you the opportunity to take charge of your financial health. This offer is much more than simply allowing you to purchase NSP products at a lower cost. An NSP distributorship can help you achieve career independence, fulfillment in helping others and even true financial freedom.

The NSP Compensation Plan
Nature’s Sunshine has designed a generous compensation package. Over half of each dollar coming into the company is paid back to our Members, Distributors and Managers in rebates, commissions and benefits. The plan rewards Members, Distributors and Managers for their hard work with cash rebates, commissions, trips and conventions, car lease programs* and more.

There are four ways to earn money selling NSP products:

  1. Earn retail profits on products you buy at direct cost and sell at retail (usually 45 percent).
  2. Earn cash rebates when your monthly purchases are over 100 QV.
  3. Earn commissions on total purchases made by your group.
  4. Earn commissions on the sales made by Managers in your successline.

*Paid to qualifying Managers who attain specific Manager levels.

Monthly QV Rebate and Commission Schedule
Volume 0-99 100-299 300-599 600-999 1000-2999 3000+
Payout % 0% 10% 12% 18% 27% 30%

The NSP Advantage
You can earn more money more quickly with Nature’s Sunshine than with most multilevel marketing companies.

Reason #1
Greater rebates on personal purchases
NSP pays up to 30 percent rebates on purchases!

Reason #2
Greater commissions on Purchases by Distributors in your group
NSP pays Managers greater monthly commissions (a maximum of 30 percent of the Distributor’s purchase volume) on the purchases made by their successline. Many companies pay only about 10 percent commission on successline purchases.

Reason #3
Greater commissions for successline Manager – 12 percent on first level


Earnings *
Manager $406 $4,872
District $1,579 $18,951
Area $3,745 $44,940
Regional $7,627 $91,527
*Based on monthly earning from 1999 date.
*Does not include potential profit from retail sales.

Unlike some multilevel companies, no strategizing is necessary when signing up new Members. It does not matter who signs up underneath whom in order to build certain lines. And there is no limit to the number of first-level Members a Manager can have.

Reason #4
Biggest product selection in the industry
With over 500 products to choose from, Nature’s Sunshine makes it easy for you and your customers to obtain the high-quality supplements you want and encourages brand loyalty.